05 December 2012 @ 03:03 am
kissing booth  

Ruth told him that she needed more male volunteers to participate in the kissing booth she’s been organising for charity. “Come now,” he protested. “What makes you think I’ll help anything? If anything, I shall simply drive your potential visitors away. We all know who the real drawing factor is here.”

“Don’t sell yourself short! You’re plenty cute, and a damn good kisser from what I’ve heard. Lots of girls nowadays like the skinny hipster types. Please, Ellie?” She grins and nudges his arm. “Sophie’ll be there. I actually convinced her to participate in the shenanigans.”

“Oh, for the love of God. Fine! I’ll be there!” Ruth squeals in happiness and throws her arms around him, planting a big kiss on his cheek.

* * *

The first few hours are quiet, but Ruth’s brought her ukulele and plays a few songs. She gets Sophie and Ellis to sing, and that gains a small amount of recognition. Eventually, she puts the uke away (no, not Ellis, the actual ukulele) and puts on the mainstream songs. By the time they receive some actual people interested in the kissing booth, she and Ellis have resorted to dancing and laughingly singing the songs to each other. First customers are some nice elderly gentlemen for the girls, and then some younger guys who just want to claim they have kissed Sophia Lark and lived to tell the tale.

One of the girls, Vanessa Henderson, shows up a bit later, saying she had a bit of trouble dragging her best friend along. He’s not too much for carnivals, apparently, but they should be able to see his tall copper head sticking out like a sore thumb if he happens to come by. Ellis is pretty sure Ruth has something going on with the pretty blonde, but he can’t be quite sure. Ruth always grins mischievously and says something along the lines of ‘college is for experimentation, right?’ She’s quite cheeky, but Ellis finds it refreshing.

A few more hours in, they haven’t gotten much attention, so Ruth grabs a loudspeaker she’s used to occasionally relay a random fact to passers-by and loudly announces that if she gets twenty contributors in the next fifteen minutes, she’ll kiss Essa, ‘the blonde, and not one of those pathetic little pecks, either, like a good, proper snog’. She glances over to wink at Essa, and then some of the college guys start talking.

“Ain’t nothing special,” one of them yells at her. “You always make out with girls at parties!” Ellis can tell the moment when some people zero in on him to see which parties they need to start attending. Somehow, however, her suggestion works, and they manage twenty-three. Ruth collects their money and then grabs Essa. As promised, she puts on quite a show. Some tongue is involved, and an ass-grab. Ellis just rolls his eyes because he definitely called that one.

After that, business picks up. Ellis gets a couple of girls and, ever the gentleman, asks what they are most comfortable with. Being nice young ladies, they just laugh softly and smile, saying that a little peck on the lips should be fine. He does so, kissing them very sweetly. Ruth sees that they definitely melt a little at Ellis’s tenderness, and she mentally fistpumps. Maybe Wellington will finally score someone.

About halfway through the day, Essa seems to spot her friend and waves him over. Ellis thinks he’s seen Aidan around campus before, but they aren’t in the same stream, so there aren’t many classes besides cores that they should have together. He thinks that he’s seen Aidan in one of his Biology courses, but his lab was at a different time and the other man isn’t really a part of his usual crowd anyway. Ellis stays out late with his friends sometimes, but never partying.

“Danny boy,” Essa chides. “You know what I told you about having to contribute to this great cause of ours. And don’t be cheap, remember. This is for a good cause. And you can’t kiss me because that’s just no fun.”

Aidan pulls out his wallet and doles out a few bills, then his eyes settle on Ellis. “How about you?” Ellis glances behind himself to see who’s standing there, but nobody is behind him, or even in his near vicinity. He looks around, puzzled, and then stares quizzically at Aidan. “No, I wasn’t talking to someone else. You. Come over here. It’d better be good, too, since I wasn’t cheap.”

Ellis stands automatically and leans over, pressing his lips to Aidan’s. Aidan actually deepens the kiss rather than pulling away immediately and cursing Ellis for actually having the audacity to do it. The brunet’s heart quickens, and he leans into it. He’s the one to break the kiss, though, certain that his cheeks are completely red by the time he does so. Ruth tugs him away without further ado. “You’re gonna have to pay more if you want any more.”

Ellis is still kind of floundering when Ruth decides it’s time to close up. She kicks Ellis out and tells him to go have some fun, so he just buys some lemonade and tries to juggle a piping hot bag of mini donuts at the same time. Someone calls his name and Ellis turns around. He accidentally splashes some of the lemonade on himself and nearly fumbles the bag of donuts. He hasn’t quite finished chewing the one he just put in his mouth, either. Ellis wants to shrivel up and die when he sees that it’s Aidan. He swallows, but his mouth is still a little dry and he burns his throat in the process.

“Ouch! I’m, oh goodness, this is not a very good impression, I’m sorry about earlier, I don’t know what I was thinking, I suppose I panicked a little bit, so sorry about that.” Aidan’s eyebrows rise a little during Ellis’s tirade, but he doesn’t seem terribly put off.

“Don’t apologise for a great kiss. All I wanted to know was if you wanted to go for drinks after. Essa and Ruth have decided they’re going and they’re dragging me along as third wheel, so we all figured we’d extend the invitation to you.”

Ellis nods slowly. “Um, alright, but I don’t usually—”

“Drink, yeah, Ruth mentioned that. We’ll keep a good eye on you.” Ellis smiles a little and glances down. He must look like such a horrid glutton!

They walk around for a little longer and talk about inconsequential things. The night is warm, and lights are strung above them for the carnival. They reach a darker part of the setup and suddenly Aidan sneaks an arm around Ellis’s waist, pulling him close and kissing him nearly breathless. Ellis is about to ask what that was for, but the words catch as he tries to fight for air. When he feels he has enough, he presses himself flush against Aidan, and his fists close in the front of Aidan’s shirt. He tilts his head and his lips are on Aidan’s again, tongue skimming the tip of the redhead’s teeth lightly, and god but Ellis has this intoxicatingly soft, clean smell and there’s something about how he can just forget about the act and get lost in the rush, about how he gets electricity through his veins and he just craves more.

So he hoards the time while he can, and slides his hands up the brunet’s shirt to explore the soft contours of the man’s body, slips one down his skinny jeans and presses Ellis against the increasing tightness in his own jeans.

They hear the girls calling for them and break apart quickly, cheeks flushed feverishly, but Aidan’s hand ghosts past Ellis’s with the promise of more in the future.