29 July 2013 @ 01:36 am
what am i doign  
 Alistair could tell she was shy, especially around humans. He didn’t know what she had gone through, living in the Alienage. He’d never been there, but what he had heard wasn’t positive. She said very little, leading them quietly. Even when she was consulted on important decisions, she was soft-spoken. Perhaps it was the depth to her eyes or the set to her shoulders that belied her true strength, or perhaps others saw how she was the only one willing to step forward and take ownership of those decisions when no-one else would. He respected that about her a great deal.

She wouldn’t talk to him much at first, kept her eyes down, brow creased slightly and expression impassive. Kaia was a pretty little thing, but anyone who underestimated her skill was to be proved very wrong. Her reflexes were whip-quick and she had a good eye for exactly where to aim her blade. There were few Alistair had seen with skill like hers, and that was something else he admired. Often, he would talk to fill the silence, and she would only speak when asked questions.

Slowly, he could feel her putting her trust in him more. In battle, they would find themselves back to back, surrounded, and she would press herself against his back just a little, and take a quick, deep breath, preparing herself. If one of them was being overwhelmed, the other would turn their back on an enemy to assist. It became an unspoken bond of camaraderie, after a while, and soon she began asking him shy little questions about how he became a Warden, about his past as he trained to be a templar.

“I was banished to the kitchens to scour pots more times than I can count. And that’s a lot; I can count pretty high.” They were sitting in camp, and her small face changed. Her eyes crinkled, her lips curved, and she giggled. The sound startled him, and he found himself sitting forward, a little enraptured.

“You just laughed!”

“You are a very funny man.”

“Well! Hearing that from you, my lady, I may as well be the greatest comedian in all Ferelden. No offense, but you are one tough audience.” He grinned, and the smile played upon the corner of Kaia’s lips. She was still wearing her armor, though it looked large on someone of her size. At one point, he thought that her size made her fragile. A month of travel had shown him that it just made her harder to hit. “Really, though, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you smile. Has anyone ever told you how pretty you are when you do? Not that you… aren’t anyway.” Alistair’s cheeks reddened a little and he shut himself up before he could swallow his foot entirely. He was willing to bet it was already halfway down his throat.