15 October 2011 @ 08:40 pm

It’s warm and comfortable to be wrapped in Aidan’s arms, two bodies pressed close together, naked and flushed with the remnants of their passion. Ellis kisses Aidan’s chest, feeling a little thrill of pleasure when the jock rubs his bare arm with his thumb, a light chafing of skin on skin, just enough promise to ignite a bit of hope in Ellis. He can hear Aidan’s heart slowing to a steadier beat, nearly matching his own.

How can anyone consider this wrong? He feels so right, so complete, like he was not yet whole and that piece that was missing has come to him.

“Jack’ll be coming in soon,” murmurs Aidan, fingers toying with a lock of Ellis’s hair.

“Yeah.” Ellis doesn’t want to get up. That is his one source of shame—having to sneak out of Aidan’s dorm, stay away from any chance encounters around Aidan’s room. How acutely he yearns for Aidan’s touch in public, and they won’t have to hide, where Ellis can reach for Aidan’s hand and Aidan will kiss his lips without worrying about what anyone else thinks.

Shame. Such a filthy thing. He should not have to hide his affection. Human is human; love is love. Ellis thought America was land of the free, home of the brave. Where is the freedom in confinement by society? Where is the bravery in only allowing one to be who they are in the shadows, and in despising all that is different? “I should go.”


“Not your fault, love,” Ellis chirps out of habit, though he knows it is for Aidan’s sake he leaves early, no matter how much he longs to stay.

They kiss, and Ellis dresses quickly. He grabs his things and kisses Aidan again, although he really shouldn’t, before leaving the dorm and sneaking out of the building. Ellis ducks around the back to cut around the campus grounds and head to his own dormitory building. The night is cold; Ellis would much rather be snuggled up to the warmth of Aidan’s frame, covered by thick blankets while they exchange kisses in the dark. He loves being privy to that more delicate, affectionate side of Aidan. Yes, he may still flirt and charm, but there is something much deeper than that that will turn Aidan away from the others and keep him coming back; a private need, if one will, a secret ill-kept by only one person that must be shared between two. It is a quiet and thrilling understanding that will bring them back together for as long as their desire can last.

Hands seize Ellis’s shoulders and shove him face first, though not hard, against the wall of the dorm building. He starts to cry out, but the hands are not rough, and familiar lips traverse a trail from the spot just behind his earlobe to the soft skin where neck meets shoulder. Those lips trace back up to tickle his ear. “Don’t want you to leave just yet,” Aidan rasps, and his very tone causes Ellis to lean back into his secret lover, mouth opening in a slight gasp as he struggles to turn and face Aidan. The ginger meets his eager lips, hands twining with Ellis’s and pinning the English major against the wall, bricks skinning knuckles. Despite this, Ellis moans softly, melting into a shuddery exhalation when Aidan presses knee between Ellis’s legs.

“I should really go,” he whispers between kisses.

“Oh, come on, you don’t really want to go now, do you?”

“I have an exam tomorrow, and you’ll have a hell of a time getting my jeans down to my ankles here, and in this cold.” Aidan knows the last two, of course, but he kisses Ell’s neck and bites lightly at the delicate, pale skin. The other man responds accordingly, but then he tilts Aidan’s head up and kisses him firmly. “Tomorrow. Okay? I need a bit of sleep first.”

Aidan chuckles and leans forward to kiss Ellis hard, one of those long kisses that make Ell’s eyes go dazed and his legs weak and his fingers tighten at the front of Aidan’s shirt. It works, of course, but once Ellis has made up his mind, he generally sticks to his intention. Won’t stop him from being a little wistful about it, of course, and that’s the point. That way, he’ll linger over it all of tomorrow. Aidan is expecting a lot of texts from Ellis, and a lot of quick, darting glances in the two classes they have together, until they finally meet to ‘work on the project’ and they will inevitably not end up working on the project.

“’Kay. See you in class.”

Ellis starts to push past Aidan, gives him one quick peck, and disappears into the night. Aidan smiles to himself and goes back to his dorm, his lips still warm with the phantom imprint of Ellis’s kiss.

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