18 January 2012 @ 04:05 pm
[orison] reverse personalities  
 The night is slightly chilly, but Ellis doesn’t mind the cold too much. He tends to ignore the elements until they suit him—namely, when it gets too cold, he needs someone to warm his bed at night. Of course, it still applies at summertime, but then he can find other people—oh, he meant things—to do. He was feeling restless and bored of his usual partners, so he went for a walk to calm his nerves. He isn’t really expecting anything as he meanders the streets of Aridon, even venturing into the lower tiers. He’s noticed that all too often, Asliners tend to be prudish. The lower tiers are more open minded, and therefore more appealing.

Somewhere around Ellica, he hears voices. One is a woman’s, and the other lower but more strained. Curious, Ellis edges closer. He sees the source of the voices. The woman is a lilith, cornering a young man. It’s a bit of a funny sight. The young man is broad-shouldered, really quite attractive, and he’s wearing a hunter uniform though he makes very little move to stop her. Ellis leans back a bit, smirking. She won’t see it coming, of course, but even better is that his new copper-headed friend will see it even less. The lilith approaches him, and he opens his mouth in warning, but then she lunges for his neck. Poor bitch doesn’t even have time to register the shot before it pierces through her, even less when she looks down and sees a stake springing from her breast. She falls and Ellis kicks at the corpse.

Only then does he venture a cool glance over at the other fellow. “Good thing I saved your ass,” he says in a vaguely uninterested fashion. “It would have been such a waste.”

The man stares up at Ellis in shock, a little taken aback. “I beg your pardon?” He has a vaguely Caedish accent. How cute.

“You’re welcome, by the way. Who’re you?”

“A-Aidan Bramley.” The little stutter at the beginning catches Ellis’s attention. Could it be that this fellow is shy? Huh. Given his frame and his looks, Ellis figured that he might be a little more self-confident and up to a few casual fucks. If he’s inexperienced…

If he’s inexperienced, it’ll be even more fun. “And what, Aidan Bramley, were you doing traipsing about and getting bested by a lilith, and not even a very good one at that?”

“Hunting,” he says with uncertainty.

“Hunting?” Ellis snorts a bit. “No offense, but you’re doing a piss-poor job of it. Either you were hunting for a knight in shining armour”—here he looks amused—“Or you just suck. And I do hope that applies literally, too.” The corners of his lips turn up slightly, though he is half saying the last part to himself, thinking just how appealing the idea is of this man’s tongue all over him.