22 March 2012 @ 05:18 pm
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Somebody is moving in to the apartment next door. It had been quiet on that end since the elderly lady residing there previously had been moved to a home, but now there has been a fairly steady stream of traffic passing in and out of the apartment. Aidan thought that he might drop by after the whole moving process to avoid being pulled in when all he was trying to do was being friendly. It was a good plan.

Then he hears a thump and a little yelp of pain from outside his door.

He goes to investigate, not expecting much. The door creaks open and there stands (well, to be accurate, he’s kind of hopping around on one foot) a young man with light brown hair, tall, slim, and…

Fuck. Not your neighbour, Aidan. That will just make for all kinds of awkward. He’s attractive. In, you know, a kind of delicate, pretty-boy kind of way. He’d probably be the perfect bottom. Aidan shoves away the thoughts and returns to the situation at hand.

“You alright?”

The man stops and sets his foot on the ground, at a loss for a moment. Then he points at the box in the middle of the hall. “I’m terribly sorry. Did I disturb you? I was trying to move this box. Unfortunately, my book collection is a little too daunting even for me, and I dropped it.” On his foot, presumably. Aidan sighs and bends down, lifting the box.

“You live over here, right?”

The brunet hovers anxiously behind Aidan. “Are you certain? It’s quite heavy. I don’t mean to pry you away from your work.”

“I wasn’t doing much of anything, anyway,” says the redhead. It’s unfair; his new neighbour has this smooth English accent, posh and flawless, and his voice is bright and clear. He imagines that voice crying out his name and promptly quashes the thought. Again. He can’t let himself get carried away. They’re neighbours. They’ll see each other again. Besides, this guy might be the sort who goes long-term, and commitment is not really something Aidan indulges in. The Englishman holds the door open for Aidan.

“Please, just set it on the floor right there. I couldn’t ask you to do anymore. I’ve already been such a horrid inconvenience.”

“No inconvenience at all.” Aidan turns after setting the box off by the wall of the living room. He holds his hand out. “Aidan Bramley. Pleased to meet you.”

“Ellis Wellington. Thank you very much for carrying my books.”

“No problem. If you want, I can help you with moving boxes and unloading.”

Oh, fuck no. He did not just offer to help.

“Oh, no, I couldn’t ask you to do that. Once I have, however, I do hope you will accept an invitation to come over for a cup of coffee or tea. As my thanks for the offer and the help, of course.” Ellis bites his lip, almost nervously. Aidan finds it strangely sexy.

“Will do. Don’t work yourself too hard.”

Ellis laughs and thanks Aidan again.

It takes him a week to get everything unpacked, and he sees Aidan occasionally during that time. Friday night rolls around, and he drags his books back to the apartment, ready to curl up on the couch and watch television, likely until he’s ready to pass out from exhaustion. He’s in the middle of an episode of America’s Next Top Model when there is a knock at his door. He quickly mutes the TV and gets up to go answer, hardly noticing that he’s still wearing his embarrassingly dorky work clothes; sweater vest, dress pants, white button-down shirt, and extremely colourful socks. It’s Aidan.

“Hope I’m not intruding.”

“Oh! Absolutely not! I would invite you to come in, but my place is a bit of a mess…” he glances helplessly around. He’s still a bit in the transition stage, although he is completely moved in.

“I understand. I just thought that you had forgotten about coffee.” Aidan gives a charming smile, and Ellis finds himself returning a tentative one of his own.

“Not at all. In fact, if you don’t mind the disorder, you are more than welcome. I just know that a lot of my friends are not quite so forgiving.” He chuckles. Aidan grins and pulls out a bottle of wine from behind his back.

“I’m not turning down an opportunity to celebrate with a glass of this.”

Ellis doesn’t really drink, but his gaze flickers up to Aidan’s grinning face and he steps aside to let the redheaded man in. What are you doing, stupid man? Just because he is attractive… Well, extremely so… does not mean that you should let him in with alcoholic beverages! It is made all the worse when Aidan picks up a pack of beer from behind the door and strides right in after kicking off his shoes.

“Please, make yourself at home.”

Aidan does so, settling down on the couch and glancing over at the television. His eyebrows rise in amusement. “America’s Next Top Model?”

“Guilty pleasure. It reminds me of high school.”

“If only the girls were that attractive.” They both laugh. Ellis goes to find the wine glasses, and brings two over to the coffee table, setting them down where Aidan can pour the wine. “So what do you do for a living, Ellis?”

“Teacher. Senior high English and History. Used to be Biology, but I’m a bit all over the place, as you can probably tell by the haphazard organisation of my apartment. And you?”

“Nothing exciting. Just a neurosurgeon.”

Ellis almost falls off the couch. “What on earth are you doing in a little apartment building like this, then?”

“I like these old buildings. They have character. Besides, it’s a recession, and I’m still pretty young. Given the chance, most people would choose an older surgeon over one just out of med school.”

“That is true. Goodness. You must be a genius! You can’t tell me you are over twenty-seven.”

“Twenty-five. Long story. Lots of skipped grades and challenging college exams.”

“My God,” Ellis breathes. “I have a real live genius in my living room. All of my life accomplishments suddenly seem depressingly minute.”

“Don’t be so hard on yourself,” Aidan chuckles as he pours wine into the glasses, handing Ellis one and offering his own glass forward for a toast. The glasses clink together. “I mean, you’re the one educating future doctors and lawyers and politicians.”

“God, I hope not.” The Englishman laughs. He takes a drink of the wine. The taste isn’t bad, considering he isn’t much of a fermented-beverage person.

Soon, Ellis’s cheeks are flushed, and he is babbling away like he does when he’s tipsy. If he was in complete control of his senses, he would have the decency to be embarrassed at his conduct, but at this point, he couldn’t care less. Aidan watches in interest. The teacher is almost enchanting like this; he is very animated, although frankly Aidan wishes the man would talk with his hands in quite a different way. He takes Ellis’s fourth bottle of beer from the brunet’s hands and sets it on the coffee table. Ellis pauses mid-word, lips parted as if the words got caught on their way out, his eyes resting on Aidan’s lips.

Aidan leans forward, only slightly. Ellis’s lips spread apart a little more, and then Aidan closes the space between their mouths, kissing Ellis lightly. The man responds, and when Aidan pulls away, the teacher’s eyes are closed. He looks so contemplative, like he is savouring the taste of Aidan’s lips on his. He can’t help it. His hands seize around Ellis’s waist, pulling him close, and their lips meet. Ellis pulls away suddenly, a shock of sense coursing through him.

“Something wrong?”

“Yes, isn’t… Aidan, I hardly know you.”

Not that he doesn’t like men. Well, that’s a good sign. Aidan’s voice turns raspy. His lips search up Ellis’s neck, and he nibbles on the man’s earlobe, finally breathing in his ear: “Would you like to get to know me better?”

He could hear the moment Ellis’s breath caught, hitched, and expended with a shudder. His lashes flutter, and he turns his head just a fraction. Aidan kisses him again, his tongue thrusting into Ellis’s mouth, leaving him breathless and clinging to the front of Aidan’s shirt. Aidan slowly begins to remove the sweater vest and then his fingers slide up the front of Ellis’s shirt. That’s when Ellis releases a soft moan, and hesitation flies out the window.

Aidan unbuttons his shirt with deft fingers, running his hands down the soft, pale skin he finds. Ellis is lean, and Aidan can see the blue spiderwebbing of veins beneath the delicate skin. He pulls Ellis to his feet and then pulls him off toward the bedroom, which he had deduced from the other rooms earlier on. He kisses Ellis and pushes him down onto his back on the bed, crawling on top of him and removing Ellis’s belt, unzipping and unbuttoning the trousers, tugging them off in one quick motion and discarding them onto the floor. He grins when he sees that Ellis is already semi-hard, sliding his hand down Ellis’s thighs and massaging the bulge beneath his underwear slightly.

Surprisingly, Ellis tugs him down for a long kiss, lips crushed together, a hand tight in Aidan’s hair. Aidan moans into Ellis’s mouth, his pelvis grinding into Ellis, earning a gasp from the brunet. Soon, he tugs the shirt over Aidan’s head and runs experimentally down Aidan’s muscled chest, fingertips coming to rest at his jeans. He fumbles a bit with the button, but ultimately succeeds and tugs the zipper down. He can’t get any further than that, so Aidan sits back a bit to pull his jeans off his hips. When he does, Ellis’s eyes widen. Aidan wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Aidan pulls his jeans off the rest of the way and distracts Ellis from his surprise by grinding right against the man’s most sensitive area. His eyes shut and his hips twitch upward, a low groan tearing from his lips. “Aidan,” he moans. The redhead grunts; that was even more rewarding than his imagination allowed. He reaches down and strokes them both together, earning a gasp from Ellis as he thrusts against Aidan, thighs clenching. His hands move from Aidan’s arms to around his neck. Aidan has to wonder where on earth the man learned to kiss that well. He continues to stroke them together, and beneath him, Ellis’s breathing grows more laboured until he cries out Aidan’s name and comes onto his chest, his muscles tensing and finally relaxing.

It isn’t quite enough for Aidan, however, which Ellis realises when he begins to come down from the high. He takes hold of Aidan’s shoulders and uses momentum to pin Aidan beneath him, assaulting his senses with another long kiss while his hand pumps Aidan’s shaft. The man moans loudly, and then Ellis smirks. He begins to kiss down Aidan’s chest, the redhead’s body twitching under the teasing swish of Ellis’s tongue as it traverses down to his shaft. He doesn’t even have time to wonder if Ellis has done this before. He teases the tip of Aidan’s head for a moment before closing his lips over Aidan’s length, and he yells out blasphemies until Ellis’s other neighbour next door pounds on the wall. Finally, he comes into Ellis’s mouth, and then licks away what drips down Ellis’s chin.

Ellis lies down next to Aidan and cuddles right up against his side. He nuzzles his face against Aidan’s side. It is then that Aidan realises that he has made a very, very dangerous mistake.